Art of Coaching Teams Materials

Wednesday, March 7, 9am – 4pm • Thursday, March 8, 8am – 3pm

Registration/​Breakfast start 8 am Wednes­day; 7am Thursday

Hilton Garden Inn, Oshkosh


We will have hard copies of both hand­outs avail­able at the program.

If you have pre-​ordered books, pick them up when you check in on Wednesday.

WASCD will have a lim­ited num­ber of books on-​site avail­able for purchase.

When you check-​in, please do not pick up nametags for oth­ers in your group. It causes con­fu­sion because they think they are not reg­is­tered when they can’t find a name tag.

Scoring Rubric

Description (up to 10 points)

  • Inter­est­ing and engag­ing title that appro­pri­ately matches the con­tent (up to 2 points)
  • The con­tent appeals to the iden­ti­fied tar­get audi­ence (up to 3 points)
  • Clear and con­cise descrip­tion explic­itly defin­ing the con­tent of the pre­sen­ta­tion in 100 words or less (up to 5 points)

Content and Outcomes (up to 10 points)

  • Learn­ing tar­gets are clearly stated (up to 3 points)
  • Describes how the ses­sion is likely to impact audi­ence mem­bers beyond the ses­sion (up to 3 points)
  • States the prac­ti­cal knowl­edge, skills, and/​or dis­po­si­tions that the audi­ence will take with them when they leave (up to 4 points)

Engagement (up to 2 points)

  • Ses­sion includes inter­ac­tive activ­i­ties and/​or other oppor­tu­ni­ties for audi­ence mem­bers to process the infor­ma­tion being pre­sented. (up to 1 point)
  • Oppor­tu­nity for Q and A is pro­vided (up to 1 point)

DOK Materials

Get­ting to Know Depth of Knowl­edge in Sci­ence
Tues­day, April 14, 2015
9:00 am — 3:00 pm (check-​in starts at 8:30 am )
Lunch is included

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