Wisconsin Student Assessment System

What We Know Now


The Wis­con­sin Stu­dent Assess­ment Sys­tem (WSAS) is a com­pre­hen­sive statewide assess­ment sys­tem which includes:

  • The Wis­con­sin For­ward Exam at grades 38 in Eng­lish Lan­guage Arts (ELA) and Math­e­mat­ics, at grades 4 and 8 in Sci­ence, and 4, 8, and 10 in Social Studies
  • Dynamic Learn­ing Maps (DLM) at grades 311 in ELA and Math­e­mat­ics, at grades 4 and 811 in Sci­ence, and at grades 4, 8, and 10 in Social Studies,
  • ACT Aspire at grades 9 & 10,
  • The ACT Plus Writ­ing at grade 11 for Read­ing, Eng­lish, Math­e­mat­ics, Sci­ence, and Writ­ing, and
  • ACT WorkKeys at grade 11.


Fed­eral leg­is­la­tion requires all states to test all stu­dents in Eng­lish lan­guage arts (ELA) and math­e­mat­ics in grades 38 and once in high school. Stu­dent per­for­mance on these assess­ments is reported in pro­fi­ciency cat­e­gories and used for account­abil­ity deter­mi­na­tion at the school, dis­trict and state lev­els. Wis­con­sin State statute also requires stu­dents to take a sci­ence and social stud­ies test These tests together cre­ate the Wis­con­sin Stu­dent Assess­ment System.

Considerations or Implications:

Dis­tricts and schools should use the results from state assess­ments as part of a strate­gic assess­ment sys­tem which includes mul­ti­ple mea­sures (includ­ing local assess­ments) to make deci­sions regard­ing stu­dent learning.



Ann Franke
WASCD Board of Directors

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