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As part of DPI’s ongo­ing effort to sup­port research and analy­sis that improves edu­ca­tional out­comes, the Depart­ment of Pub­lic Instruc­tion pur­chased a suite of tools that is called WISEdash. The goal of WISEdash is to increase access to edu­ca­tion data — and, in doing so, enable more data informed deci­sions — by pro­vid­ing access to an unprece­dented num­ber of reports on a vari­ety of top­ics. The WISEdash sys­tem is cur­rently avail­able to all dis­tricts and will con­tinue to evolve.


WISEdash is the data man­age­ment sys­tem that will allow dis­tricts to link mul­ti­ple indi­ca­tors of stu­dent learn­ing and per­for­mance taken from both local and state data. This will fos­ter a school­cul­ture for data-​driven deci­sion making.

Considerations or Implications:

  • We will have a one stop sys­tem to ana­lyze school data.
  • It will replace the cur­rent report­ing sys­tems like WINNS, Turn­leaf, etc.
  • The cur­rent sys­tem is only for school use but is planned for pub­lic release in the spring of 2013.


Chris Van Hoof, CESA 8
Lau­rie Asher, Laona School Dis­trict
WASCD Board of Directors

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