What We Know NowDescription:

A WISEid is a unique, per­ma­nent and undu­pli­cated per­son iden­ti­fier assigned to each per­son by DPI.


WISEid is a Secure Web Appli­ca­tion used to main­tain per­son infor­ma­tion for schools. It’s pur­pose is to pre­vent some data qual­ity issues in state and fed­eral reports, and enabling detailed data collection/​reporting in other WISE applications.

Considerations or Implications:

Because data can and will peri­od­i­cally reviewed by Wis­con­sin Depart­ment of Pub­lic Instruc­tion, dis­tricts will need to ensure that data is reviewed and accu­rate at all times.


Wendy Savaske, School Dis­trict of Hol­men
WASCD Board of Directors

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