Data Informed Instruction With i-Ready

Wisconsin ASCD is proud to facilitate a virtual series on data informed instruction for i-Ready Diagnostic users. Each session will provide timely and relevant support for users provided by Curriculum Associates, the makers of i-Ready. Each event will support site and teacher leaders in understanding how to analyze i-Ready data and make informed decisions, empowering them to have larger conversations impacting student achievement at their site. Our first meeting in July was extremely informative and well-received! If you wanted to see what all the buzz was about but don’t have i-Ready currently, this is also the session for you!

October 18th, 2022

3:30-5:00 PM CST

Analyzing Your Fall i-Ready Data To Maximize Impact

  • How does your achievement compare to last fall?

  • Engaging students in data chats & goal setting

  • Engaging teachers & building leaders in data chats

  • Looking at domains that are areas of concern

  • Looking at “new” resources

  • Q & A~ What do you need?

February 6th, 2023

3:30-5:00 PM CST

Exploring Your Winter I-Ready Data

  • Review Wisconsin Forward to I-Ready Correlation in-depth

  • Looking at growth~ new growth quadrant & achievement chart~ you will want to learn more about!

  • Are your “colors” changing?

  • Celebrations & Share-out of successful strategies used

  • Q & A~ What do you need?

June 6th, 2023

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CST

Analyzing Year-End Data to Celebrate and Plan Your Data Dig or Goal Setting

  • Create ways to use this data to plan for next fall and summer school

  • How has your achievement and growth fared in your district and school?

  • Reflect on your goal setting process, has this contributed to your growth and achievement?

  • Dig into areas of strength and opportunities for further growth

  • What’s new for “Back to School 2023”

  • Q & A~ What do you need?

Session Cost (Per Session):

WASCD Members ~ $49.00

Non-Members ~ $69.00

Participants will receive a Zoom participation link within 24 hours of the virtual workshop.

Wisconsin ASCD is not responsible for technology issues of attendees. See policies at WASCD.ORG

Register for each session individually. Each individual attendee must register.

Con­tact Wisconsin ASCD (715) 453-2142 or

Reg­is­tra­tion Terms:. Con­fir­ma­tions are e-​mailed approx­i­mately one week before the pro­gram. Please call the WASCD office before the pro­gram if you did not receive a con­fir­ma­tion to deter­mine your reg­is­tra­tion sta­tus. There are no refunds on cancellations two weeks prior to the event. How­ever, there is no charge for substitutions.

Can­cel­la­tion Pol­icy: There are no refunds on cancellations two weeks prior to the event. How­ever, there is no charge for substitutions. WASCD reserves the right to move or can­cel meet­ings because of low reg­is­tra­tion. That is why it is impor­tant to reg­is­ter early. In the unlikely event of a can­cel­la­tion, all reg­is­trants will be noti­fied and will receive full refunds.

Spe­cial Needs: Please notify WASCD of any spe­cial needs when you register.